29-10-2017: All results including team-results are online.
26-10-2017: Schedule/startlist IPO3 updated
26-10-2017: First results IPO-FH
26-10-2017: Schedule/startlist IPO-FH updated
25-10-2017: Live-Stream of IPO-FH Drawing on Facebook
23-10-2017: Training areas for tracking.
ATTENTION: No access to the tracking fields from today (20.10.2017) on. Also no access to the stadium in Horní Bříze for training purposes. Violations will be punished with disqualification!
20-10-2017: Entry fee and other goods
can be paid also in Euro.
19-10.2017: The arrangement for protection and obedience is online and also some upt-to-date pictures of the tracking field IPO-FH
18-10-2017: Detailed pictures of the used equipment.
17-10-2017: The competition starts in a few days. We are happy to welcome you in the czech republic an wish you al pleasant trip!
12-10-2017: Schedule and programme updated.
10-10-2017: Tracking team (head and layers) are online. New Photos of tracking fields added.
02-10-2017: Helper were announced
20-09-2017: Schedule of IPO-FH presentation and vet-check
11-09-2017: Overview and stadion map are online.
28-08-2017: Details of the program
for IPO and FH
25-08-2017: New merchandise goods
18-08-2017: Photos of the training area (on the bottom of the site)
17-08-2017: CV of all judges including pictures are online
16-08-2017: Current photos of the stadion and the campside
16-08-2017: Information about advertising and sale stalls.
27-07-2017: The first few competitors have entered!
25-07-2017: Great thanks to our sponsors.
06-07-2017: We ask all team leaders
to register themselves:
-> Information and registration
20-03-2017: Judges were announced
12-01-2017: new hotels added to accommodations
10-01-2017: Information about camping and pictures of the event location are new.
04-01-2017: Entry Rules for IPO-FH are online.
01-01-2017: Updated for World Championship 2017 in Czech Republic.
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