28-10-2018: All results including team-results are online.
24-10-2018: schedule of IPO-FH is online
24-10-2018: All results in IPO and
IPO-FH are in sync with our software.
(the site will automatically reload every 60 sec)
16-10-2018: Schedules of training and vet-check are online.
08-10-2018: We published the names of our helpers.
28-09.2018: Deadline is over and we have
54 IPO and 23 IPO-FH Contestants!
26-09-2018: Germany hat entered its participants. -> todays update
25-09-2018: Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Czech Republic and many more announced their contestands...
18-09-2018: A lot of registrations arrieved this week...
10-09-2018: Pictures of the tracking field taken at the beginning of september are online!
28-08-2018: Ukraine has registeres one participiant.
27-08-2018: Finland has registered its participants.
20-08-2018: The first participants were registered...
18-08-2018: Already eight Nations have confirmed their registration.
09-08-2018: We welcome the first team leaders! We ask all participating countries to name their team leaders by email.
07-08-2018: Payment for entry in cash by the team leader (no pre-pay).
24-07-2018: Registration form and Details for entry are online
23-07-2018: Hotel-recommendations and information about camping -> more
03-07-2018: Judges were announced.
09-04-2018: New ISPU-WM-Guidelines are valid since today!
17-01-2018: Updated for World Championship 2018 in Italy.
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Archive 2016: Switzerland
Archive 2015: Germany
Archive 2014: Austria