ACCOMODATION - Kincsem Lovaspark

The venue of the ISPU World Cup 2019 is a sports and hotel complex, where there are a limited number of excellent accommodation options. Your advantage is that the practice and the competition courts are only a few steps away from the rooms and the track areas are within easy reach. .

  • In the hotel restaurant you can order lunch and dinner a la carte.
  • In the area of ​​the complex are several facilities for barbecues,
    which our guests can use for free.
  • Attention! The hotel price includes breakfast.
  The prices
Room in the house: 30 Eur/person/day
Dog 10 Eur/dog/day
Hotel I. Stock 35 Eur/person/day (you are not allowed to bring a dog)
Hotel II. Stock 32 Eur/person/day, (also without dog)
Camping with camper  20 Eur/day
  For the guests who choose camping, power and swimming facilities are available
  Information and reservation
  Please contact Kincsem Lovaspark for information about accommodation and food.

Information/reservation: every day from 9am to 5pm, also in German.

(Payment is on the spot).

  PHOTOS Hotel
Hotel/Restaurant Park
Restaurant Tavern
Room Shower
Room Room
  PHOTOS Camping
Camping Camping
Camping Shower Camping Shower
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