Hungary has an E-vignette system, you have to pay for road use.
Please refer to the multilingual leaflet.

The main road leading to Tápiószentmárton is completely new. The information shilds are not ready yet. That's why we give help. At the signs shown here, drive out from motorway. At the exit there is a MOL gas station on both sides. After the exit behind gas station you can see the Tápiószentmárton direction on the lower categories road. The organizer will assist also with the alignment in village Tópiószentmárton with own signals.
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  Hungary follows the general EU regulations, which means that in general all pets (dogs, cats, ferrets and other small animals) can be imported into Hungary.

Here are the most important general requirements for the entry of dogs:

  • The European pet passport must be carried for the animals on their journey to Hungary, it has to be issued by a veterinarian and must contain the identification number of the pet's microchip.
  • In addition, a valid rabies vaccination (not older than one year) of the concerned animal or a valid renewal vaccination against rabies must be registered in the pet passport.
  • The entry of a pet animal is only possible when accompanied by the owner or a natural person appointed by the owner by power of attorney.
  • A maximum of 5 small animals may be imported for private purposes without any commercial purpose being assumed.
  • In Hungary dogs must be kept on a leash in public places. Muzzles must be used on public transport.
  • In addition, a pet owner's liability insurance is strongly recommended for dogs.
  • In the event of non-compliance with the legislation, entry may be refused by the competent Hungarian authority pending compliance with the conditions or the animal may be placed in quarantine.
  • Please note that it is forbidden by the authorities to have dogs bathing in Lake Balaton and Lake Velence. Dogs may only be taken into outdoor public bathing areas if this is expressly permitted there.
  • On the basis of Act XXVIII §24/A there are no "dangerous dog breeds" in Hungary; when assessing the danger, the individual behaviour of the animal is standard and important, not the breed. In principle, all dog breeds can be imported into Hungary.
  Source: Hungarian embassy in Berlin/Germany.
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