Congratulation to Bernhard Reinelt and Wasko con todos los santos (AT) 1st place;
Dennis Bernsee mit Xaro von der Schönburg (DE) 2nd place; and
Lukáš Slowioczek mit Frenklin ze Slunečné verandy (CZ) 3rd place - IGP3
  Congratulation to Andreas Gerth mit Rudi vom Lindelbrunn (DE) 1st place;
May-Brit Weiß mit Nelson vom Klingsgarten (DE) 2nd place; and
Hana Konradova mit Andora pro Marii (CZ)3rd place - IPO-FH
  Team results IGP3:
1. GERMANY (PSK) - 837 points
2. AUSTSRIA (ÖSPK) - 828 points
3. CZECH REPUBLIC (CKVK) - 817 points
  Team results IGP-FH:
1. GERMANY - 379 points
2. FINLAND - 304 points
3. CZECH REPUBLIC (KCHK) - 187 points
  The next ISPU-World Championship will take place from 21. to 25. october 2020
in Kamez (near Dresden), Germany!
IGP3 only for gian schnauzers, IGP-FH for all schnauzer and
pinscher breeds.

In Hungary, two problems can be expected at this time of year:

  • Babesiosis: infectious anaemia transmitted by ticks (red blood cells are decomposed by protozoa, dogs have high fever and not enough red blood cells). This disease is very common in Hungary.
  • Heartworm: is transmitted by mosquitoes and has been common in Eastern Hungary for several years.

Prophylaxis Babesiosis: a functioning tick remedy, applied if possible 10-14 days before.
Recommendation: permethrin-containing spot-on preparations: for example: Advantix (Bayer company), Expot (MSD company) or deltamethrin-containing collars: Scalibor (Fa. MSD)

Prophylaxis heart worm: Recommendation: Spot-on preparations containing moxidectin: Advocate (effective against microfilaria). Moxidectin tablets are available in Italy and some southern countries,
they are not permitted in German-speaking countries.

We therefore recommend that ALL dogs travelling to Hungary, including visitor dogs (!), be adequately protected.

  The ISPU executive board proudly presents: The world championship takes place from 24.-27. October 2019 in Tápiószentmárton, HUNGARY. For the third time, there will also be competitions in tracking (IGP-FH) for all schnauzers and pinschers.

The Hungarian Pinscher-Schnauzer-Klub "HPSK-MSPDK" will be hosting the event which takes place at the Kincsem Lovaspark (horsepark) in Tápiószentmárton. Tápiószentmárton is located app. 60 km from Budapest and can be reached mostly on the highway. The sports and leisure facility is open throughout the year and awaits visitors with a variety of services. Here you can find all services: slopes, track, accommodation, food and entertainment.

The place is located in Hungary, in the heart of the country. In the middle of it, in a uniquely beautiful area, which fascinates everyone and is one of the jewels of Hungary. Guests are expected with hearty tidy grounds, real Pusta mood and guest friendliness, far away with the right specialties of Hungarian cuisine.

Pettkó Csaba, president of HPSK-MSPDK: ". I am convinced that everyone who visits us here will go home with life-long memories. Do not miss our event, which will be a great experience for you, and please, nominate to participate 28th ISPU World Championship! The organizer HPSK-MSPDK awaits you."

Our website offers you pre-event information about the competition and its location as well as news updates. After the competition, check back for tournament photos and results.

And also the ISPU-WC Facebook page provides you with hot news, updates and pictures!

After Keszthely in the year 2003, the HSPK-MSPDK will oranize the ISPU world championshop for the second time.

Warmest regards,
ISPU-WM 2019 Online-Team

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