28-10-2019: All results (including team) and photos of the award ceremony...
25-10-2019: The first few IGP-results are online and will be updated constantly.
24-10-2019: The first few FH-results are online and will be updated constantly.
21-10-2019: Current information about arrival and Toll.
20-10-2019: Schedule IGP and FH of registration, vet-check and training (finally, after a few corrections, the latest version)
12-10-2019: New photos of
the tracking area
01-10-2019: Deadline for entering the competition is over and we finally have:
53 participants IGP
and 25 participants IGP-FH.
30-09-2019: Update:48 participants IGP and 22 participants IGP-FH.
26-09-2019: Update:38 participants IGP and 14 participants IGP-FH.
23-09-2019: More and more registrations are coming in: 24 participants IGP and
10 participants IGP-FH.
20-09-2019: We got a lot of registrations last week! At the moment, we already count 20 participants IGP and 7 participants IGP-FH.
16-09-2019: Pics and important information about the tracking area
11-09-2019: Tracking area will be field and meadow! Pics will follow soon...
11-09-2019: We proudly pesent the helpers for the championship
27-08-2019: Team leaders of Austria in IGP and IGP-FH are online!
23-08-2019: Arrangements in the stadium (section B und C)
15-07-2019: Spain is back this year and has reported in addition to the team leader also the first participant in IGP.
27-06-2019: Also Switzerland announced the team-leader IGP and IGP-FH
24-06-2019: Germany already announced the team-leaders IGP and IGP-FH
27-05-2019: Dog food sponsor: Josera
20-05-2019: We proudly present
our main sponsor: DogTech
14-05-2019: We proudly pesent the judges for IGP and IGP-FH
18-02-2019: Details for entry are announced (deadline, payment,...)
17-01-2018: Updated for World Championship 2019 in Hungary.
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