General information about the World Cup country

Stadio Carlo Castellani

SP 12 Val di Pesa

50056 Montelupo Fiorentino


Specific regional regulations

Veterinary and entry requirements

Legally regulated entry regulations apply for entry into Italy. Please note these regulations, the most important are:

  • EU pet passport or vaccination card/pet passport
  • Identification by microchip
  • valid vaccination against rabies (at least 21 days old)
  • For entry or re-entry from a non-EU state, additional regulations may apply.

Animal Welfare

For information and questions regarding animal protection, please refer to the Animal Protection Act.

Good to know: In Italien…

  • … securing animals during car travel is mandatory – we recommend using a dog crate.
  • … liability insurance for dogs is legally required.
  • … bringing muzzle for dogs is mandatory

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