The 30th ISPU World Championship IGP for giant schnauzers and the 5th ISPU World Championships FH for all Pinscher and Schnauzer breeds are over. Congratulations to all participants for their achievements and of course to the new world champions Carola Klein with Miniature Pinscher Printe vom Alten Kamerhof (FH) and Dennis Bernsee with Xaro von der Schönburg (IGP)! The title in the team rankings went to Germany in both divisions. We congratulate!

A big thank you to the organization on-site, all staff and crew, the sponsors, jugdes, helpers, track layers, visitors and of course all participants and friends! Photos, videos from the live stream, and much more can also be found on Facebook.

After the World Cup is before the World Cup: The next ISPU World Cup will take place from October 25th to 29th 2023 in Austria.

Lates infos for competitors, visitors, and others

Program and schedule
LIVE STREAM via WorkingDog available (chargeable)

New training area for IGP-FH

Updated Oct. 25th 2022

We found an alternate area for IGP-FH training. Coordinates: 49.7725144N, 18.3656683E sowie 49.634200, 17.135200 und 49.640400, 17.132600


Restaurant Meteor

about 150 meters below the stadium – good food and of course Czech beer 🙂

ATTENTION !!! Please don‘t use FH training area (tracking), there is fertilizer on. We are looking for alternatives!

Latest Update, Oct. 24th: SCHEDULES for vet check, training, and competitions

For organizational reasons, we had to relocate all tracks on the IGP FH to the area around Olomouc. For this reason, there is a new schedule.

Training area tracking – IGP-FH

Update vom 24.10.2022

The training ground for IGP-FH tracks is located near Vratimov and Paskov. Coordinates: 49.7358725N, 18.2727832E or 49.7340972N, 18.2815056E and 49.7398394N, 18.3264519E


Training area tracking – IGP-3

Update: 24.10.2022

The training ground for IGP-3 tracks is located near Vratimov. Coordinates: 49.7562778N, 18.3183858E or 49.7623214N, 18.3171092E

Note – Training only on these sites marked with the ISPU sign “Training”. When training on other terrains, this can lead to disqualification!


Oct. 17th 2022: Change of track terrain for IGP 3: The sowing is no longer rape but sown wheat. The terrain should be relatively soft. –> photos as of Oktober 13th

From 10/10/2022 – Strict ban on tracking training within a radius of 3 km around the venue of the World Championship, the stadium in Vratimov. We will inform you about training places in good time. Please only keep your dogs on a leash in the area! Please do not let any dogs run free! Thanks

We cordially invite you to the festive evening with the program, which will be held on Saturday 29 October 2022. Please reserve tickets on the online form no later than 20 October 2022. Thank you very much for the binding ticket reservation.

Ordered tickets can be collected and paid for at the ISPU MS office

ISPU Party 2022 – booking form

One of the points of the festive evening on Saturday will be: “Every Czech is a musician and this also applies to cynologists. The competitor Klára Vavřínová will play for you together with her husband oboe and French horn. In this unusual combination you will hear the musical performance of the duo VavrClareRad.”

Tips for trips around the city of Ostrava:

Updated Sept. 20. 2022

Overview of running schemes in the stadium for obedience and protection..


Updated: Sept. 20

Preview of the equipment that will be used in the stadium:

Dumbbell, Hurdle, Scaling Wall in obedience and blinds for defense.


We look forward to your suggestions and feedback. Or do you have a special request? Just contact us here or via Facebook. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Ongoing updates and information can also be found on the ISPU-WM Facebook page.

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