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Live Stream

Info from: 28.10.2021

Thanks to our sponsor Winner Plus Pet Food GmbH we are able to provide a live stream for those at home. Available via Facebook and Youtube. Have fun!

Change of judges IGP-3 (Obedience)

Info from: 27.10.2021

For family reasons, Matthias Hallermann cannot judge B Obecience (IGP-3). Thankfully, Monika Heidrich, DE, steps in as a substitute.


Info from: 25.10.2021

The topic of collars always raises questions: The FCI examination regulations clearly regulate this: The single row, loose fitting large link collar must be worn throughout the trial. For the tracking phase, a dog may wear a tracking harness or a vest in addition to the required loose fitting large link collar. A leash must be carried for the duration of the trial. It may be out of sight or worn by the handler with the clip on
the side opposite to the dog’s working side.

In order to comply with the German Animal Welfare Act, we recommend the use of a train stop/stop ring.

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Updated on 22.10.2021

Food keeps body and soul together… Here are the menus of our catering partners:

training ground tracking

Updated: 08-oct-2021

From October 18, 2021 there will be the possibility to train on a training ground. The site is located at 38324 Kissenbrück. Please only train on the designated area.  e have the owner’s permission. Please do not leave any rubbish or anything like that.

Restricted areas

Update vom: 07.10.2021
From now on, the already designated competition tracking area can no longer be entered. Violation will result in disqualification.



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