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Updated on Oct. 26th – Schedules IGP-3 incl. Start-No are online

October 26th 2023 – IGP-3 helper

Marco Graßl (DE) part 1 and Alexander Bertignol (AT) part 2 | reserve: Kevin Wagner (AT)

October 24th .2023 – IGP-3 change of judge

Alfred Hupfauer is unable to judge department A in the IGP-3 due to illness. Matthias Müller (DE) kindly steps in as a replacement.

October 21st 2023 – Locations, Contacts

Jacques Lemans Arena
Unterbergen 2
9300 St. Veit an der Glan
Coordinates: 46.7510801, 14.3371396
Google Maps

Kulturhaus Liebenfels (Festive evening)
9556 Liebenfels
Info: app. 5 min away from the arena by car
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Checkpoint Tracking at Schloss Hanfelden
Unterzeiring 14
8762 Möderbrugg
Coordinates: 47.2585880, 14.5111780
Info: app. 1,5 h away from the arena by car
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Training Area (B/C)
Thoner Straße
9131 Grafenstein
Coordinates: 46.619446, 14.466938
Please contact +436645336265 (Marco Koller) for an appointment
Info: app. 35 min away from the arena by car
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Training Area (A)
also at Checkpoint Tracking at Schloss Hanfelden
Please contact +436643009502 (Roland Meinx) for an appointment
Coordinates: 47.2585880, 14.5111780
Info: app. 1,5 h away from the arena by car
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October 16th 2023 – Veterinarian

Mag. Georg Ratschitsch | phone: +43 664 1331813 | adress: Hauptplatz 25, 9300 St. Veit an der Glan

September 29th 2023 – Running schemes

Overview of running schemes in the stadium for obedience and protection:

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26th September 2023 – Festive Evening Information

This year, we have more guests than ever before at the festive evening! All tickets have already been allocated, and there are currently no available seats. To ensure that all reservations are honored, the tickets will be handed over to the IGP team leader for cash payment during registration on Thursday. All team leaders have been informed about the number of reservations received for their respective countries and have received a corresponding list.

For those who do not yet have tickets, we have created a waiting list in case reservations are canceled.

Sept. 19th 2023 – Notice helpers & registration info

We are pleased to announce the helpers for this years world-championship:
Alexander Bertignol, Christoph Spitaler and Kevin Wagner, all from Austria.

The registration deadline has passed and we are looking forward to numerous registrations: 54 dog handlers from 9 countries compete in the IGP-3. 20 teams from 5 countries compete in the FH. For the first time, a participant from Poland is taking part in the world championship. We wish all participants a good preparation time and look forward to welcoming you to St. Veit.

Sept. 10th 2023 – Notice judges & Facebook info

We are happy to announce the judges for this years world-championship: IGP-3: A – Alfred Hupfauer (Germany); B – Robert Markschläger (Austria) and C – Clemente Grosso (Italy). Down: Katharina Kribernegg (Austria). IGP-FH: Andreas Hauk and Thomas Wöginger (both Austria).

On Facebook, there is a new profile and a group called ISPU World Championship using our logo and also photos and graphics from our official ISPU site. We, ISPU, do not know the operators and have not given permission to use our logos, name and content/photos. We ask you to avoid the profile and the group. Be careful! Questions from this profile or from the group are not from ISPU!

01/09/2023 – Camping Spaces Are Filling Up Fast

Within a very short time, 75% of the camping capacity has already been reserved. Therefore, the remaining spaces will be reserved for participants until the registration deadline. Participants arriving with caravans / motorhomes are kindly requested to reserve a camping space as soon as possible.

Spectators and companions can only reserve spaces after the registration deadline, provided that any are still available.

August 7th 2023 – Update Camping.

There is enough space for about 40 campers at the stadium. It’s primarily intended for participants, we assume visitors will also find enough space. However, please reserve in good time! Fees: € 30.00 / night including electricity, showers and toilets (at the stadium). When making your reservation, please also let us know your arrival and departure dates and whether you have a caravan or mobile home

07.08.2023 – Limited seating at the festive evening

Seating at the festive evening is limited to around 150 people due to the location. All participants are asked to indicate on the registration form whether and with how many people they will be taking part in the festive evening.

Costs: € 25,00 / person incl. dinner and 1 drink.
Menu: Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad or Kärntner Kasnudeln (traditional kind of pasta)

May 15th 2023 – Infos tracking area and camping.

The tracks will be laid on meadows, pictures are online. The vegetation in autumn probably will be as high as in the pictures.

CampiThere is a camping ground directly at the stadium, but it’s primarily reserved for the participants. Spectators and visitors are asked to do their own research on nearby camping sites. If there are still places available at the stadium after the registration deadline, they will be allocated to spectators and visitors.

Information about the festive evening:

Seating is limited. Participants (and companions) please reserve on the registration form. Costs: € 25 per person. Any remaining places will be announced after the registration deadline.


We look forward to your suggestions and feedback. Or do you have a special request? Just contact us here or via Facebook. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Ongoing updates and information can also be found on the ISPU-WM Facebook page.

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